Thursday, 29 November 2012

Galibardy's Ganesha

Just a quick one:
 I bought this T-shirt from Galibardy for £26 and I think it has quickly become my all time favourite T-shirt! By "quickly become" i mean the second i opened it (yesterday evening). I wore it too uni today and a few people commented how awesome it is. If you haven't checked out their website already you MUST, they have some other beautiful t-shirts and they are so oversized they can be worn as dresses. Their prices are so reasonable and the delivery was unbelievably fast! Such lovely thick fabric too!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

tights wars

Bonjour ma cherie's,
So yesterday, when my sister left for school, I had a rummage through her clothes and found TWO pairs of tights i wanted to claim for my own. I had been after a sparsely patterned pair of tights to wear during winter so that i can show off my new tattoo and not freeze to death during the process. I found the star covered ones first, which i liked but seemed a little young for me. It brought back memories of the star tatted, myspace, scene kids of 2004. Further rummaging bought out these little babies- Henry Holland alphabet tights. Now i had seen these around for a couple of years and always wanted a pair but couldn't bring myself to part with the £15- £20 quid that they go for (especially knowing that within a day i would have shredded them). However, if you are less clumsy than me and fancy investing in a pair you can buy them in most river island's.

Anyway, apologies AGAIN for the poor picture quality- I WILL HAVE THIS SORTED SOON. Here is a small outfit post from a while back and a quick post of what i wore to uni yesterday:

 Both items of clothing (jumper and dress) have been shown on my blog before- urban outfitters and primark's finest. But I don't think (correct me if i am wrong) that i have posted about the necklaces... So firstly, the crystal pendant one is from an amazing little website called Dixi and they sell the most beautiful jewellery. Also, if you are buying something from them as a gift, they send it to the person with a little note in the jewellery bag, SO CUTE. Secondly, the pentagram (NOT SATANIC)is from ebay and only cost about 90p. You can find numerous styles of this necklace just by searching "pentagram necklace". It's actually a pagan symbol which i recently developed an interest in, satanist stars are (apparently) supposed to be with two prongs at the top, for obvious reasons :)

This is not actually my room, I am staying with my mum whilst my dad has our house rewired/redecorated. So i must live in my sisters squalor for now. This also means that i have very few clothes to wear- hence the recurring items in my posts. I have been here for over a month now and hopefully i should be back home within the next week. Then i can start getting on with my jackets again! Anyway, back to the outfit:
Maroon jumper: Charity shop (originall new look) £2.99
Stripey dress/top: Charity shop £1.99
Alphabet tights: Henry Holland, River Island ~£17.00
FLUFFY SOCKS YAY: HnM, 2 pairs for around £4

Sorry about photos, sorry about room, sorry about jackets, sorry about stuff.
Feel free to ask questions!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

dupe me up.

HAD to share these guys! They are hellbound dupes from ebay and can be found HERE. They only cost £26.99 with a small fee for p+p- you literally cannot go wrong! I will be doing a full post on mine when they arrive but for now ebay pictures will have to do! You can also buy rainbow shoelaces HERE for £1.49. DO IT.

Doodlez on ma thigh...

So just a quick one before I upload a well-overdue update on my latest purchases/ outfits and an update on my jackets. I recently got my thigh tattooed! This was my second tattoo and was a lot bigger than my first one which was a quote from a book- called the bell jar (by Sylvia Plath) and a feather quill. I drew the face/ design for this tattoo with the idea of a native-american woman wearing a wolf headdress but couldn't draw the wolf and so the tattooist redrew it for me...AND I LOVE IT. I am aware that women did not wear the headdresses traditionally but that was an intentional mistake and rather than representing the traditional i wanted to invoke the idea of powerful women- embodying the power of the beast. Feminism FTW etc etc. So yeah... here is the original drawing and the actual finished piece:

 If you have any questions about the tattoo/ tattooist feel free to leave a comment :) I couldn't be happier with it!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

In a bid to be navajo...

get bidding on my navajo jacket on ebay now, more jackets and post to come, soon, i promise...